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About Me

My name is Matej Marek. I hold an MSc. in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As as a freelance statistician, I have helped hundreds of students and researchers. I have experience with all common statistical methods such as t-test, ANOVA, factor analysis, regression analysis, time series and many, many more. People hire me because I can communicate methods and results to non-statisticians in an easy manner.

I am located in Prague, Czech Republic and can be reached at info@statistics-help.com. It is also possible to contact me on my Czech number: (+420) 608 515 328 or Skype:


„Matej was fast to respond, very professional and knowledgeable about statistical analysis. I am very happy I found this resource. Highly recommend for any doctoral student.”

Kelly Marie Flores, PhD student

„Matej was quick to respond to my emails and questions. He provided great quality statistical analysis for my research and was able to explain the results to my understanding. I was well pleased with his ability to provide the exact statistical analysis I asked for and the explanation of those results. I would highly recommend Matej because he is professional, efficient, and beyond proficient in his abilities to provide statistical analysis!“

Kristin Crosby, doctoral candidate

„We used Hire Statistician for a consultancy project at TSL. They were prompt, efficient and very reliable to deal with it. We would use their services again in the future for other projects.“

Richard Trafford

Prices Of Statistical Services

I offer a far less expensive statistical services than consulting firms which charge upward of $1000. I also guarantee that I will provide equal or better results to be found from other statisticians. Most projects will fall into the range of 400 to 700 dollars. I can give you a much more exact estimate when you provide me with:

  1. A data set sample
  2. A description of the goals you wish your statistics to deliver.

Once these are sent by email, I will respond with an offer promptly, usually within 24 hours. There will be no charge for the estimate and your data and any other materials will be held in the strictest confidence.