Medical Statistics

Medical statistics is a branch of statistics that deals with applications of statistics to medicine and health services. We have much experience with:

  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Sample size calculation
  • Programming and data analysis
  • Review and re-analysis of completed studies

Power analysisMedical boxplot chart

Our Biostatistics Help and Consulting Service includes:

  1. Assistance in formulating research questions or clinical inquiry; identify problems/issues.
  2. Review the literature and identify evidence-based resources that answer your question
  3. Assessment of the validity of your resources using evidence
  4. Help with choosing the appropriate study design and data collection process
  5. Testing statistical hypotheses
  6. Interpreting the results. We offer a full demonstration of how to interpret and report each type of statistical procedure and make sure you completely understand the rationale for the selection of statistical methods

To discuss your medical research, please contact us for a free initial consultation.